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My name is Cindy, my precious dad passed away December 6, 2006.  I know how incredibly hard it is to lose someone you love so dearly. The emotional pain you experience, the loneliness, sadness, anger, bargaining, yearning, the people  who don't understand your grieving, loss of friendships the "what if's", "if onlys" felt by so many "grieving" people that I wanted to create this site to help others, or at least provide them with some information on grieving.

I attended Dr.Websters 6 weeks bereavement seminar (something I highly recommend), in January 2007, where I learned so much, and met so many awesome people.  Several people that I met at the bereavement seminars, and I have continued to meet weekly, to help each other through this process.   I feel it is very important to have a space for people to post a memorial of their loved one, post a picture, share your story on their life and or how you are dealing or dealt with grief.  Please email your story/memorial/picture/ to me at  stehr1973@yahoo.ca.   I welcome any other advice/information/suggestions that can be helpful to others.  Thank you for taking the time to read my site.

My wish for you is that you have many people to support you through your grieving journey,

Cindy Stehr



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